Catherine L. Owens is one of the industry’s most well-respected senior living experts. Her insight and years of experience make her a valuable consultant for senior living companies looking to increase their occupancy, improve company vision and enhance customer service.

Catherine intimately understands the senior living industry, having worked in a variety of roles throughout her career: leadership, training, marketing and sales. She is a trusted industry expert who knows how to build relationships and camaraderie with her clients, as well as professional peers. Her training will show you how to seamlessly incorporate these customer service values into your organization.

Catherine specializes in relationship-based sales techniques. Her innovative methods and proven results will improve sales team development and efforts. By helping to identify and target areas for improvement and growth, she offers both short-term and long-term development solutions.

Through consultation, Catherine shares her insights on staff training, team building, industry-related education, and creating a productive sales culture. Catherine can help your organization distinguish itself from the competition by streamlining procedures, developing an effective marketing plan, improving communications efforts, and establishing community awareness.

Catherine also offers informative presentations geared toward clients and their families to discuss the decision-making process.

​Contact Catherine today for more information and to discuss your company’s goals.